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Mobile SIP Dialers

Rapidsoft Telecom provides world class Mobile SIP Dialers. The Mobile Dialers are available to VoIP operators on white label basis. We will customize these SIP dialers as per the need of our customers.

Based on SIP and these use SIP to dial out a number. They use data networks to make outgoing call or accept incoming call. A SIP server/proxy is needed the software to work.

We offer SIP Dialers on iPhone, Android and BB. We may have dialers on PC and Symbian. Our rDialer Mobile Dialer, has been accepted by the industry widely. Already many leading Internet Telephony Service Providers have been using these Dialers around the world.

Mobile Dial-Through and Call-Back Dialers

Most operators will like to use SIP based VoIP dialers, if possible. However, an alternative way of making cheap international calls, if internet connection is not available, is to dial through access numbers (DISA).

Rapidsoft Telecom provides provides DTMF Dial-Through and Call-Back Dialers. The Mobile Dialers are available to VoIP operators on white label basis.

Advanced VOIP Products

Rapidsoft Telecom offers a number of advanced VoIP Products. These products include Asterisk Predicative Dialers, Alert Services, hosted VoIP solutions and Call Recorders.

Mobile Dialers

Rapidsoft Telecom is a provider of "High Quality VOIP SIP Softphones Dialers for Mobile Phones and other platform. In addition to proving Mobile SoftPhone SIP Dialers, We develop a number of other VOIP related products for four clients on Custom basis. With our range of well tested SoftPhone SIP Dialers, we enable VOIP providers worldwide to offer local and international calling services to their customers.  Rapidsoft Telecom uses advanced in-house technologies to develop its products and all products are tested on a number of SIP switches for compatibility and operation.  We are so committed to VOIP technologies that all our in-house communication is based on Asterisk platforms.

We have been operational since 2005 and work both with small VOIP  operators as well as Fortune 500 corporations. When it comes to supporting our products, we will support them in all parts of the world.

sip dialers

We offer a number of VOIP products. Our main product are Softphones and other client side VoIP applications for Mobile & PC platforms. Our products are Private Labeled for service providers under their own brand name & integrated with their softswitches: Few of our products are - PC Softphone for Windows, Mobile Softphones for - iPhone, Android, Blackberry and  Symbian 3rd, Symbian 5th edition. We also offer Callback Trigger applications for Mobile platforms, Call Through Dialer for Calling Card Operators on Mobile platforms and Predicative Dialer Applications for Asterisk and other VOIP networks.  Works behind any NAT & firewall, are private labeled with Encryption/Decryption integration & are highly interoperable with all standard SIP Servers.
We are in the process of introducing a number of custom hardware products.

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VoIP Operators: Our primary customers are VoIP operators and enterprise customers that are interested in custom VoIP solutions for their company.  All our products, solutions & services are designed for unique service requirements of service providers and enterprise customers. We customize our products as per the service provider requirements by private labeling the products, integrating with their softswitch & by making their changes as per their requirements. We are working with  cellular operators, ILECs, CLECS, Independent VoIP operations, Calling Card operators etc. 

Consumers:  Our Mobile SIP dialers are also available in the Apple iTunes, Google Play Android Market and Blackberry Market Place. These dialers can be used with any VoIP operators.

mobile sip dialers mobile sip dialers