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Rapidsoft Telecom Mobile Call Back Dialer

Understanding Callback

Callback Services are a method of making low-cost international calls via a third country, usually the USA, where international telephone rates are very low compared to the rest of the world.

In order to use a callback service, you would be allocated a unique number in, say, the USA, which must first be dialed in order to trigger a return call. This is known (in the US) as a Direct Inbound Dialing (DID) number, or in the UK as a Direct Dial-In (DDI) number.

When you hear a ringing tone, you would simply hang up and wait for the callback, usually just a few seconds. Then you just pick up the phone and dial the required number. Most callback services are based from the US and so you would be effectively calling from the US even though you are situated overseas. Several VOIP companies in the US provide call back services.

Our Callback Dialers

Rapidsoft Telecom Mobile Call Back Dialer is a mobile client, particularly developed for call back service users. The dialer, when installed in phone’s memory, makes the call back service usage easy.

Rapidsoft Telecom Mobile Call Back Dialer supports mobile handsets on iPhone, Amdroid, Symbian, and Blackberry platforms.

The experience for the end user is same as making a regular call from the phone.

Offer Rapidsoft Telecom Mobile Call Back Dialer to your customers and solve their most common difficulties like:

  • Longer time to connect.
  • Complicated system of use.
  • Need to enter long Pin number.
  • Need to memorize or write down destination number and enter the same.
  • Making mistakes in entry and paying for the delay.
  • Higher call costs.
Now let your customers experience hassle free call back service on their mobile phones, with your own branded mobile call back dialer.

Supported Platforms

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian

Key features of Rapidsoft Telecom Call Back Dialer:

  • Full Branding Opportunity for service provider.
  • Phone book integration.
  • Call log information on screen.
  • Higher sound quality.
  • Fully automated/hassle free call back procedure.
  • Easy integration with existing call back infrastructure.
  • Easy integration with phonebook.
  • Supports extensive list of mobile handsets models including Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Sony, HP, BenQ, Toshiba and many more.

Rapidsoft Telecom Mobile Call Back Dialer can run on the phone background, thereby allowing users to do other activities on their phone.

Different routing option can be implemented like all the local call will go through the telecom and all the international call will go through the VoIP Solutions Provider and any other combination. Software can be distributed by Web, WAP and OTA.

Download Mobile Dialers

Click here to go to download page for downloading Our Mobile Dialers:

sip Mobile dialer
sip Mobile dialer