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Advanced VOIP Consultancy Services

We supply a number of VoIP related products and services. We know very well that there are many other tools , products and services needed for successful deployment of large VoIP services. So if you come to us, we will help you in choosing the right solutions.

Evaluating VoIP and Telephony Technologies

We will work closely with you to evaluate your situation and establish your requirements in line with your business objectives. We will help you determine the scope of the project you have in mind and plan the best, most cost effective, solution for your needs.

We will ensure that, before any work begins, you will have the opportunity to confirm that our proposal meets all of your requirements and that you are aware of all expected costs.

Dedicated Network Engineers and Consultants

We will ensure that all new services are implemented successfully and provide you with a dedicated consultant to handle all communication between our solutions and any independent third parties required to meet your needs.

We can also help you identify industry suppliers that may be critical to your success, including wholesale carriers, co-location providers, and logistics fulfillment houses.

Design of VoIP Networks

We offer a complete design solution from network and operations integration to application configuration and customization to ensure that all aspects of the required solution are fully addressed.

Our technical pre-sales engineers work with customers to identify and develop the optimal solution to meet their exact service requirements.

Custom Software and Applications Development

We offer a complete design solution and all custom applications can be maintained, updated or tailored in-house to meet future requirements using our team of engineers.

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