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sip Mobile dialer

Mobile SIP Dialer Products For Consumers and OEMs

Consumers can download our Mobile Softphones from the market place. Both lite vesrions -supported by advertismenst and full functions paid versions are available. These products can be used with any VoIP operator of your choice.

sip Mobile dialer

Products Available For Downloading

iPhone Mobile Dialer, Android Mobile Dialer, Blackberry Dialer, and Symbian Dialer.

Download Links For Mobile SIP Dialers and Dial Through Dialers

You can download these dialers from corresponding market places. These are consumer level products. The OEM products will be based on these and change swill bemade approporiately. We have recently made consumer versions of our product in the market space.

If you need to test, feel free to download from there. If you need any specific features, do let us know and we will be able to add just for you.

sip Mobile dialer

Google Android Market Place:

rDialer Calling Card or Dial-Through Dialer for Android:

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer for Android

Apple iPhone ITune MarketPlace:

rDialer Calling Card or Call-Through Dialer

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer:

RIM Blackberry OS Market Place:

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer:
TBD - in Process at BB. Expected Release Sept 15th

rDialer Calling Card or Call-Through Dialer:

Blackberry 10 - New Blackberry

Coming Soon in Q1 2013.

PC SIP VoIP Dialer

Contact Us Directly for a test client.