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VOIP Projects Management Services

If you are trying to launch a major VOIP project or looking to set up a VOIP provider, we can provide you knowledge, tools and project management abilities at a very low cost. Our 20+ years of experience in VOIP technologies will work for you. We know the tools that will help you optimize your returns.

Engineering innovation

Rapidsoft Telecom's platforms and applications are developed by highly skilled teams of communications and software engineers backed by a stringent quality assurance group.

Our core engineering strength enables us to design and develop platform capabilities and service applications optimized to meet our customers' key business and operations requirements.

We are committed to continuous innovation of our platforms and applications, and we regularly make new software releases available. Our customers receive these updates as part of their SLA contract, which ensures that that they can benefit from the latest product features and capabilities.

Rapidsoft Telecom's core product and custom engineering services are designed to enable customers to establish services rapidly and effectively so they can move from decision to revenue generation as quickly as possible.

Project management

Rapidsoft Telecom's projects range from simple platform installation, configuration and commissioning to complex integration and migration projects.

Over hundreds of deployments across the world, we have built up the processes and experience that enable us to keep simple projects simple while identifying and addressing the risks in more complex environments, always with the aim to minimize both costs and time to service and revenue.

A meticulous attention to detail on dependencies and implications ensure our customers can make the decisions to get the most value from their Rapidsoft Telecom platforms and solutions.

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