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Comprehensive support for your success.

Rapidsoft Telecom provides full support on its mobile SIP applications and Dialers to help Service Providers achieve the least time to market in rolling out services. Our Professional Services team helps in designing the VoIP infrastructure for our customers and handhold them though the critical initial deployment phase. Regular maintenance inputs are provided for a hassle free running of the platform.

SLA Maintenance

Ensuring the effective running of our systems when they are used by customers is extremely important to us. Thatís why we offer a comprehensive 24x7 support package based on clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Regular Upgrades and Maintenance Support on Products

Components of the support package include: free upgrades to latest software and product releases; on-line access to platform and application user guides and release notes; advice and guidance for software operation and configuration; on-line case management with defined and tracked response times and points of escalation; and regular service reviews and platform health checks to ensure both we and our solutions are performing optimally.

Continuity of Services

And to provide full continuity of service, we assign to each customer a lead engineer who can develop a detailed understanding of the customer operations and ensure that individual issues are addressed from start to finish.

Our commitment to customer success is reflected in our range of support services and systems, always working to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our platforms and solutions.

Support of Our Dialers and Other Products is something we take very seriously.

We're very open about the speed you're likely to get because we do everything we can to ensure it's the fastest your line can possibly handle.

sip Mobile dialer

Calls are answered promptly, emails are responded to quickly and technical issues are resolved with Mac-like precision. Because we maintain our own network and services we can fix any problems that do arise very swiftly and effectively. Try us, you'll be surprised...

New customers are assigned their own personal contact and, because we're a relatively small team, you'll be on first-name terms with most of us in no time.

All of our support pages are located within each customers page,
which is password protected.

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sip Mobile dialer No Call Centres
sip Mobile dialerKnowldgeable Networking Professionals
sip Mobile dialer24 Hour Monitoring
sip Mobile dialer24 Hour Email Support
sip Mobile dialerFirst Call - First Fix Policy

The last thing you want is to pay the earth for support when you have a problem (or indeed pay the earth when we have a problem!)

If you do need assistance with your internet connection, hosting or email don't be afraid to call us. You won't get long call queues, you won't get fobbed off and you won't get a huge phone bill. You will get help from a friendly and mac-knowledgable support engineer.

sip Mobile dialer