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VoIP Training Systems Operation

VoIP Training is essential so that your business can make maximum use of your VoIP systems and or integrate various VOIP components together. If you have got new staff that must learn VOIP technologies options, we will train them on VOIP technologies using our courses developed by industry professionals. This will be delivered from the US office only using remote on-line or on-site traing systems.

Gaining From VoIP Deployment

If you work with Voice over IP (VoIP) and absolutely must make it work, you need to take the Advanced Deployment of Voice over IP training We customize our training for you. This instructor-led course will teach you how to design high-performance, secure Voice over IP networks. In order to successfully work with VoIP technology, you must have a huge range of technical knowledge including security issues, VoIP certification testing, working with firewalls, NATs, VLAN, signaling protocols, QoS, as well as the ability to debug VoIP signaling problems using trace tools. Our training is suitable for:

  • Platform managers
  • Network engineers
  • Routing administrators
  • Database administrators
  • Service creation co-ordinators
  • Customer service personnel

Consultants will Train Your Staff on Latest Technologies in VoIP

You will use real-world equipment typical of today's business environments in an extensive, hands-on classroom training setting. During your training, you will test an existing network, deploy several products from different vendors, traverse NATs, integrate with firewalls, and overcome various obstacles to build a functioning Voice over IP system.

On-site or Offsite Training

These skills are best tried out in a classroom environment first - not on a busy computer network. We recommend the Onsite Advanced Deployment of Voice over IP training because you get extensive, hands-on experience in a non-critical environment. If you are in a position where you absolutely need to make VoIP work for your company, this course is for you.

Cost and Scheduling

The cost of one day instructor lead training is $2500/per day. The course duration varies from 2-3 days depending upon the number of participants.

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